Partial list of exhibiting companies at ACMA Automechanika New Delhi (as of January 7, 2013):

Company Name Hall Number Booth Number Country/Region
Agra Engineering Co. 11 N16 India
Agrim Components Ltd 11 L25 India
AIPL Marketing Private Ltd 10 D22 India
Aisin Seik Co Ltd 11 O42 Japan
Ajit Industries Pvt. Ltd 10 D25 India
Al Murshidi General Trading LLC 11 L13 UAE
Alfa Abhirashi 11 N25 India
Alfa Flexitubes 11 O49A India
Allmakes    10 E26A UK Pavilion
Alt(Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd 11 H16 China
Ample Auto Tech Pvt Ltd 11 M18 India
Anand Automotive Ltd 9 B15 India
Anand Exports 11 M11 India
Anand Motor Products Pvt Ltd 11 N37 India
ANG Industries 11 L47 India
ARB Bearings 11 O35 India
ARO Equipments 9 B11 India
Ashoka Spanner Pvt Ltd 9 A23 India
AsharLockeys Pvt Ltd 9 C22 India
ACMA initiative against counterfeits - AsliNaqli
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11 O55 India
ASP Sealings 10 D27 India
Auger Autotechnik 10 G21 Germany
Autel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 11 J21 China
Automechanika Global Booth 11 N52 -
Automotive Distributors Ltd 10 F11 Germany
Banco Products Pvt Ltd 10 F28 India
BASF India 10 G12 Germany
Benara Udyog 11 M22 India
Bengbu Honga Filters 11 H21 China Pavilion
Bidue 10 D14 Italy
Bizol 10 F19 Germany
Bollhoff Fastenings  11 I14 India
Bomrah Industries 11 O32 India
Bony Polymers 11 O45 India
Cabe Springs &Fastners India Pvt Ltd 11 O40 India
CEIP +  IV azienda 10 D20 Italy
ChangshuYinyang Electronics Co., Ltd 11 K23 China
Changzhou Suotepower Engineering Co., Ltd 11 N19 China
Changzhou Xiangwu Power Machinery Co., Ltd 11 I25 China
ChipingLuhuan Auto Radiator Co., Ltd 11 N24A China
CI Car International Pvt Ltd 11 O54 India
Corteco 11 N32 Germany
Crown Gaskets 11 N34 India
Daichi Overseas Pvt Ltd 9 A22 India
Deepak Power Storage Enterprises 11 L29 India
Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt Ltd 11 I22 India
DeuschMotocomp 11 L14 India
DiptyLal Judge Mal Pvt Ltd 11 H14 India
DJ Auto Components Corp. 11 I24 Taiwan
D-Tech Impex 11 L23 India
EdicoUtama, PT (Indonesia) 11 L33 Indonesia
Elofic Industries Foyer Area 10 & 11 B22 India
Empire Overseas 11 O51 India
Emtex Engineering 11 O33 India
Era 9 A19A Italy
Escorts Auto Products 11 J20 India
Esteem Auto 11 L11 India
Euro Diesel 9 C26 U A E
Eurolub 10 G14 Germany
FenghuaJianyao Axle Industry Co., Ltd 11 I20 China
Ferdinand  10 F11 Germany
Ferrario Auto Products 11 I24B India
Finimpianti 10 D15 Italy
Fra Ber 10 D12 Italy
Fuxin Dare Automotive Parts Co., Ltd 11 I26 China
Gahbin Corporation 10 F20 Korea
Garima Global Products Pvt Ltd 11 L26 India
Gedore India Pvt Ltd 10 N30 India
German Information Booth 10 F21 Germany
Glamour Product 9 L27 India
Global Auto Impex & Industries Pvt Ltd 11 C16 India
Global Automotive Components Pvt Ltd 11 M27 India
Grindlays Engine Parts Pvt Ltd 11 O50 India
Groz Engineering Tools Pvt Ltd 11 N42 India
GTA Machinery and Technology Co., Ltd 11 H15 China Pavilion
Guangzhou Botny Chemical Co., Ltd 11 O24 China
Guangzhou Gap Auto Parts Co., Ltd 11 H28 China
Guiliano 10 E18 Italy
Guizhou Aerospace Kaihong Science & Technology Co., Ltd 11 O25 China Pavilion
Gursarab Automotives 11 L43 India
Hahngzhou New Century Universal Joint Co., Ltd 11 O16 China
Hazet - Werk 10 G16 Germany
Henan Tongda Wheel Co., Ltd 11 N27A China
Highway Industries Ltd 11 N40A India
Hindustan Enterprisers Co. (Regd) 11 L20 India
Horn Tecalemit 11 M39 Germany
Hubei Quanli Machinery Group Co., Ltd 11 H29 China
Imperial Auto Industries 11 O48 India
Industrias Del Recambio India Pvt Ltd 11 I16 India
Isher Trading LLC 9 A28 Dubai
J S Industries 9 C25 India
Jalex Automotive Pvt ltd 9 L15 India
Jamna Auto Industries 11 N40 India
Japji Enterprises 11 L40 India
Jayem Auto Industries Pvt .Ltd 10 F24 India
Jees S R O 11 O46 Czech Republic
Jiangsu Kaller Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd 11 J27 China
Jiangxi Huadiao Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd 11 J24 China
JiashanPvb Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd 11 J19 China
JV Yukoil LLC 11 O31 Ukraine
K S C Engineers 11 N20 India
Kalkaji Engineering Co. 10 C12 India
Kangyue Technology Co., Ltd 11 O27 China
Karan Motors 11 L24 India
Kishan Auto Parts 11 N28 India 
L G Balakrishnan& Bros Ltd 11 H12 India
Luan Hongpeng Electrical Motor Co,Ltd 11 J28 China
Luan LongxiaoArts&Crafts Co., Ltd 11 O12 China
Luthra Industrial Corporation 11 M16 India
Magnocrest 10 D24 UK Pavilion
MAHA India Automotive Testing Equipment Ltd 10 F18 Germany
MAHA MaschinenbauHaldenwang 10 F18 Germany
Mahle Aftermarket 10 F22 Germany
Mansons Automotive Rubber Pvt Ltd 11 M38 India
Mapco Autotechnik 10 F16 Germany
Masu Brakes 10 E29 India
Mehta Engineers Ltd 11 M25 India
Methods Automotive Pvt Ltd 11 M31 India
Minimeters Pvt Ltd 9 A15 India
Mitsuboshi Belting India Pvt Ltd 11 L39 India
Motive Components 10 D21 UK Pavilion
MWS 10 G18 Germany
Nalanda Automotive Pvt. Ltd 11 M13 India
Nanjing BC Enterprise Ltd 11 H20 China Pavilion
New Age machines & Instruments Pvt Ltd 10 D30 India
New Swan Autocomp Pvt Ltd 11 M28 India
Newco 10 F14 Germany
Ningbo Jingcheng Car Industry Co., Ltd 11 O13 China
Ningbo Tirri Automobile Parts Co., Ltd 11 N23 China
Ningbo YinzhouRongcai Car Accessories Co., Ltd 11 N25A China
Nissim India Pvt Ltd 11 M43 India
O K Auto Components 10 C14 India
Omax Autos Ltd 11 I15 India
OMP 10 D18 Italy
OMS 10 D16 Italy
Osho Tools 11 M12 India
P S Export & Import Company 11 M14 India
PCL Sumo Air Technology 11 M39 India
Perfect Exports 11 M26 India
Perfect Radiators & Oil Coolers Pvt Ltd 11 N33 India
Power Industries Foyer Area 10 & 11 E31 India
Prabha Engineering Co. 11 M15 India
Precision Auto Industries 9 C21 India
Primalec 10 D23 UK Pavilion
Prince Automovers 11 O41 India
PSP Engineering Works Pvt Ltd 11 M29 India
PunchratnaFastners Pvt Ltd 11 L28 India
Punjab Bevel Gears Ltd 11 J18 India
R E Components Pvt Ltd Foyer Area 10 & 11 E32 India
R M Engineering Foyer Area 10 & 11 F32 India
R+M de Wit 10 F12 Germany
Raajratna Metal Industries Ltd 11 L12 India
Rahimafrooz 10 E14 Bangladesh
Rajan Auto Industries 9 C29 India
Rajnish Industries 11 L42 India
Rapid Coat Foyer Area 10 & 11 E30 India
Rased 10 E16 Italy
Renuka Engineers 9 B20 India
RMP Bearings Ltd 11 N31 India
Rockman Industries Ltd 11 I12 India
Roop Automotives 10 E22 India
Roop Polymers Ltd 10 E24 India
Ros Exports Foyer Area 10 & 11 E33 India
Ruian Fengda Auto Parts Co., Ltd 11 O19 China Pavilion
RuianKefeng Electronic Co., Ltd 11 N21 China
Ruian Yongbang Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd 10 I20 China Pavilion
S C Industries 11 L31 India
Sachdeva Industries 11 L36 India
Sadhu Forgings 11 N22 India
Sainsons Exports 11 L16 India
Seguridad Industrial S.A  11 N47 Spain
Setco Automotive Ltd 10 E12 India
Shahji Associates (Exports) 10 E26 India
Shahji Associates (Exports) Foyer Area 10 & 11 F30 India
Shanghai JEC Auto Parts Co., Ltd 10 H18 China Pavilion
Shanghai Jiaercheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd 11 O15 China
Shenzhen Shunhe Electric Technology Co., Ltd 11 J22 China
Shiv Forgings 9 C18 India
Shriram Piston & Rings 9 A14 India
Sigma Corporation 11 K12 India
Sirena 9 A19 Italy
SM Motorentelie 10 G20 Germany
Sonu Hose Pvt Ltd 9 A16 India
Steel Impex & Industries 11 N11 India
Stork Rubbers Pvt Ltd 11 L21 India
Sumax Engineering Pvt Ltd 10 E28 India
Sun Grow Brake Liners Pvt Ltd 11 L18 India
Sundar Enterprises 11 O38 India
TaizhouLiansheng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd 11 O 22 China
TATA Autocomp Systems Ltd - SCM 11 O37 India
Tech Auto Pvt Ltd 11 N35 India
Tenneco Automotive India Pvt Ltd 9 A18 India
Termomeccanica GL 10 D11 Italy
The Society Of Motor Manufacturer and Traders  10   United Kingdom
TMD Frcition Services 10 G15 Germany
Toto Oil Seal Co., Ltd 11 H23 China Pavilion
Trac Auto Transmission 11 L32 India
Tulsi Casting & Machining Ltd 9 B24 India
Turbo Technics   10 D29 UK Pavilion
U & T Spares 11 L19 India
Uludag Exporters Union 11 N48 Turkey
Union(Shanghai)Auto Parts Technology Co .,Ltd 11 J26 China
Unique Spares & Automobiles 9 A26 India
United Petrochem Pvt Ltd 11 L49 India
Varsha Forgings 11 O56 India
Vasundhra Sintered Pvt. Ltd 9 A20 India
Vertexcel 10 D19 Italy
Wenling Assembling Equipment Set Co., Ltd 11 N15 China Pavilion
Wenzhou Chezhou Automobile Parts Co., Ltd 11 H23 China
Wenzhou Gaici Auto Fittings Co., Ltd 11 O 20 China
Wenzhou Geenar Spare Parts Co., Ltd 11 K16 China
Wenzhou Jbon Automobile Parts Co., Ltd 11 N12 China
Wenzhou YedeShok Absorber Co., Ltd 11 I22/I23 China
Western Auto Spares 11 N24 India
Western Thomson (India) Ltd 10 N46 India
Wuxi Everbright Co., Ltd 11 K19 China
Xi'An Aojie Electric Heating Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd 11 O28 China
Xuchang Hengfeng Industrial Co., Ltd 11 O30 China
Yongkang Kinon Imp & Exp Co., Ltd 11 O26 China
Young Sung 11 O47 Korea
Yuan Cherng Industry Co., Ltd 11 I24A Taiwan
Yugal Precision 11 N27 India
Yuhuan Bowei Clutch Co., Ltd  11 O21 China
Yuncheng Yiwan Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd 11 O29 China Pavilion
Yuyao City Win Electric Appliances Co., Ltd 11 J29 China
ZF India Private Ltd 9 A24 India